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Ben 10 Mod

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Meet the legendary BenTen, the Protector of the Earth and his Omitrix in the MCPE. As you remember, the main character, Benjamin Tennyson is a courageous boy that has got a gadget which turn him into powerful creatures. Your task in the add-on is to bring back a lost Omnitrix and defeat the enemies side by side to defend the planet. Defeat the most important villains in the TV show in dangerous boss fights.

What Does the Add-On add?

  1. BenTen — the main character. (Bring to Ben 10 Omnitrix — /summon ben10:ben10);
  2. Wildmutt an alien dog that can jump very high, has a special nose but is blind. (/summon ben10:wildmutt);
  3. Four Arms – Four-armed strong alien. (/summon ben10:four_arms);
  4. Greymatter – The smartest alien intelligence, but small in size and small in strength. /summon ben10:greymatter);
  5. Accelerate high speed and long claws are about him. (/summon ben10:accelerate);
  6. Diamondhead – diamond alien with diamond weapons. (/summon ben10:diamondhead);
  7. Ripjaws a waterfowl alien who swims very fast. (/summon ben10:ripjaws);
  8. Stinkfly an aerial alien using poison in battle. (/summon ben10:stinkfly);
  9. Ghostfreak – the invisibility that passes through textures. (/summon ben10:ghostfreak);
  10. Cannonbolt – it can become an armored ball that will roll with great speed and demolish everything in its path. (/summon ben10:cannonbolt);
  11. Heatblast – a fiery creature. (/summon ben10:heatblast);
  12. Gwendolyn Tennyson/Gwen – a Ben’s cousin who has magic and can fly and shoot magic balls (/summon companion:gwen);
  13. Maxwell Tennyson/Grandpa Max – an ordinary person who, nevertheless, can fight well and wields weapons well. (/summon companion:grandpa_max);
  14. Rust Bucket
  15. Charmcaster – an evil summoner of golems and a magician shooting fireballs. (/summon enemy:charmcaster);
  16. Stone Creature a summoned golem made of stone. (/summon enemy:stone_creature
  17. Kevin Levin – A man who can absorb magic, even Ben 10. (/summon enemy:kevin_levin);
  18. Kevin 11 – he will become one if he sucks the magic out of the omnitrix. (/summon enemy:kevin11);
  19. Vilgax – Ben 10’s enemy who wants to enslave the Earth. (/summon enemy:vilgax);

🤔 How to install addons?

1. Download and upload the add-on directly to the gadget on which you are going to install it;
2. In the folder where the file was downloaded, click on .mcpack or .mcworld files – the importation  will start.
3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition;
4. Create a new world or edit a created one;
5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu where “Add-ons” point is separated and choose the additions you wish to integrate;
6. Don’t forget to turn on “Experimental” options of Minecraft in the world configuration.
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Ben 10 Mod
David Walker Hi, I'm David! I checked it out and I'm giving you the opportunity to download this file for free. Visit my website more often!
Ben 10 Mod
24 July 2022 5
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