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Dragon Mod

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Let’s add an NPC (non-player character) who can be tamed! Addons add new features to Minecraft including dragons! These awesome beasts can be used for protection or even as pets. You’re going to need some luck if you want to get them.

You can see videos for three different kinds of dragons here: noctis, ice dragons, wyverns.

Noctis Dragon

For this kind of dragon, you must do these things:

If you want to get some good loot from hunting during the day, then go for a Night Scout instead. After he has been destroyed by the soldiers and the boss Executioners, attack them with an axe. To obtain the Noctis’ spawn egg, you must beat him up.

After raising a dragon, you must then train it using Cod.

You may experience some sort of temporary night vision effect.

Soldiers keep treats in barrels, you can steal them.

Wyvern (fire-breathing dragon)

Generated in the Swamp Hills areas.

You need to wait until they arrive before meeting them. Domesticated by tropical fish.

You cannot cover up this dragon.

Attack nearby enemies with fireballs.

Feeding dragons cod or salmon or tropical fishes cures them.

Ferox (gruesome) dragons

You first need to look for a dragon scout in the plains biome. After attacking him, the scout will call for the dragon hunter. You must try to kill each one individually. After defeating the dragon wizard, you need to get the ferox dragon spawn egg from him.

Velox (fast) dragons

They’re found in snowy mountains called the Snowy Taiga Mountain Range. There are two types of them: Black ones cannot be tamed, and there are others that can be tamed. During certain times of the day: before sunrise or after sunset.

If the dragon has another color than green, then you can try giving him a tropical fish. The Ice Dragon can sometimes be found in these biome locations with blue markings on its body.

They’re capable of freezing water when flying near the surface of bodies of water. You can give the dragon special equipment. Place the item you’re holding onto the dragon so that it equips. Using a glowing rod, use it to remove.

Dragon armor

There are two options for obtaining the armor:

  1. Defeat the dragon armorer.
  2. Use Netherite Ingots to craft Armor.

How to fly a dragon?

For these purposes, you need a saddle, a flight mechanism like riding a horse: lookup and jump. You must look up to fly; if you want to descend, you must look down.

🤔 How to install addons?

1. Download and upload the add-on directly to the gadget on which you are going to install it;

2. In the folder where the file was downloaded, click on .mcpack or .mcworld files – the importation will start.

3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition;

4. Create a new world or edit a created one;

5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu where “Add-ons” point is separated and choose the additions you wish to integrate;

6. Don’t forget to turn on “Experimental” options of Minecraft in the world configuration.

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Dragon Mod
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Dragon Mod
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