Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Mod (Christmas Update)

Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Mod (Christmas Update)

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Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year! Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Add-on as known as Christmas Update will present you 58 new mobs in your Minecraft world and they look like real ordinary players with the only difference that the NPCs have hot 1 Health Point. Moreover, there are some kinds of mobs with various thematic skins. The addition adds Christmas NPCs and things.

Additionally, any player can stumble into the Easter eggs which contain exciting gifts which have got 21 types in general. Furthermore, the update brings 104 NPCs to the cube world of the game the developers will not stop on that.

Brief Description

The add-on has Background NPC who has got 1 health point. The mobs cannot go or be moved by anyone. Nevertheless, the NPCs can rotate themselves and take a look at the closest player to them or any other alive creature.

Let’s consider the whole content of the add-on:

  1. New NPCs who are High School Students.
  2. The update also contains new skins for High School students, exactly 6 for boys and 1 texture for a girl.
  3. The developers have added a New Professional Man and a Teenage Girl as well.
  4. You’ve got an opportunity to bring SCP People to the game.
  5. Something fresh in this update is the Christmas Characters. The designers have developed 26 new skins.
  6. In addition to this, they’ve added Christmas elves. The creatures are quite smaller than all other mobs. Generally, 24 textures have been brought to Minecraft PE.

It’s notable that new features of the mod are being introduced monthly that’s why you should stand by.

The developers release 2 various fresh renovations. Part of them are connected with mobs’ skins and other part is related to the functionality.

You can also contribute to the creation of this add-on. Report about your skin to the developers’ channel “Joey Gaming Studios” on the Discord.

The upcoming update of the mod will introduce you various NPC variations with new characteristics.

  • Stationary NPCs —they have the same behavior, but have got 10 health points.
  • Wandering NPCs — they will have the same HP as a regular gamer, also the mobs can interact with doors and walk and hide at night.
  • Friendly NPCs — they do damage to hostiles.
  • Enemy NPCs — they deal damage to a player and friendly NPCs.

🤔 How to install addons?

1. Download and upload the add-on directly to the gadget on which you are going to install it;
2. In the folder where the file was downloaded, click on .mcpack or .mcworld files – the importation  will start.
3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition;
4. Create a new world or edit a created one;
5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu where “Add-ons” point is separated and choose the additions you wish to integrate;
6. Don’t forget to turn on “Experimental” options of Minecraft in the world configuration.

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Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Mod (Christmas Update)
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Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Mod (Christmas Update)
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