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Aren’t you tired of handguns and ancient ways of killing? It’s time for modern weaponry in MCPE. The entire arsenal is extremely deadly and destroys mobs with ease, so take some care not to cause damage to yourself. For your information, this mod works on devices based on the IOS operating system.

What Does the Addition add?

  1. A knife is a melee weapon, a retextured sword.
  2. A shotgun is a medium-range weapon.
  3. Soldiers – replaces the villagers.
  4. RPG grenade launcher – causes a powerful explosion.
  5. Grenade – causes a small explosion and sets it on fire.
  6. Mines – place them on the ground, explode upon contact.
  7. The soldier’s helmet and bulletproof vest are retextured armor.
  8. Rocket Launcher – replaces the Iron Golem, an automatic deadly weapon.
  9. There are a lot more weapons than that, it’s just a small demonstration of the mod’s capabilities.
  10. Use this command to get all the weapons – /xm function.

🤔 How to install addons?

1. Download and upload the add-on directly to the gadget on which you are going to install it;

2. In the folder where the file was downloaded, click on .mcpack or .mcworld files – the importation  will start.

3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition;

4. Create a new world or edit a created one;

5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu where “Add-ons” point is separated and choose the additions you wish to integrate;

6. Don’t forget to turn on “Experimental” options of Minecraft in the world configuration.


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