New Adventure Plus Mod

New Adventure Plus Mod

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Today we’re going to talk about the new adventure plus addon for Minecraft! There will be new game content for Minecraft including new creatures, foods, new functionality, new behaviors, etc. You’ll be immersed in an entirely different kind of experience when you play Minecraft with this add-on!

All things chest

Includes many items from this expansion pack. Generation command: /structure load chest_addons ~ ~ ~.

Gourd of Souls

Made from a pumpkin and a soul torch.

Deep cave monster

  • Spawns in deep caves under the sea. The mob will attack you and you should be aware.
  • A creature created using an idea submitted by the community members for the 2017 Mob Vote.

Creature Glare

They inhabit the lush caves. Be careful when dealing with the creatures.


All generated worldwide. Here lie the spirits of miners, farmers and others who died working hard for their families. You might be able to find something interesting if you look carefully enough. For instance, maybe you could find a button from one of your old shirts.

Brown spider

It generates underground. Impacts the player when attacked. Dropping out: Special Eye.

No more ship

A wrecked ship became an adorable pirate hideout.


  • Spawns in water bodies including rivers, beaches, lakes and oceans.
  • You can obtain a claw when you destroy one. It has meat inside.
  • A beach looking animal wearing a nautilus shell looks cute.
  • Reproduction: seaweed, dried kelp, and tropical fish.
  • There exists a species of crab called a “mushroom crab” which feeds off fungi and has been known to breed with red algae (seaweed).

Superior beach

The beach was covered by coconut palms and there were no trash cans anywhere.

White enderman

  • Spawn: warped forest (Nether).
  • According to myths from game version 1 8.
  • Very rare, there is a prize for winning.

Ender Phantom

Option for measuring edge length using phantom mode. Spawns in the End. It’s best if you don’t get too close to them; otherwise, you could end up dead. They’re quite aggressive towards humans.

Cruel enderman

Extremely rare, but valuable mob because of its drop. Spawns in Deep Ender.

New frames

You can use any color paints available at most hardware stores, but if you want to be able to frame videos from YouTube, then you need special acrylic. It makes for an attractive addition to any room. To make it, take: 8 sticks and 1 paper.

Red phantom

It appears during nighttime hours regardless of whether the player’s character is asleep. It could ruin an entire flock of sheep, so watch out!


  • It contains wool, lead, and phantasmic membranes.
  • It can take any shape.
  • Activate the education mode.

Ice bomb

To make it, take: 4 ice and a snow globe.

There will be new flowers added to this add-on

Roses – You can get some dyes for them too. You can cook soup.

Cacti flower – grows in deserts, you can use its juice for making soups.

Mesa desert tower

Rumors say there are treasures hidden somewhere within these walls.

New block types added by surface ships.

Explore jungle well!

Jungle Post seems really weird!

You’ll encounter an extremely rare Abyssal Amethyst Ore during the course of the adventure.

Taiga bear

Spawns in forests. It will help preserve the woods. A strong creature.

New types of undeads (drowned, zombies, and skeletons) will appear. They will have different skin colors than before.

Copper armor

Skin of rotting flesh

You can obtain it from rotting flesh with some modifications.

Hunger Item

You can obtain it in Creative Mode. Causes hunger when ingested.

Make sure to enable experimental features in the World Settings menu.

🤔 How to install addons?

1. Download and upload the add-on directly to the gadget on which you are going to install it;
2. In the folder where the file was downloaded, click on .mcpack or .mcworld files – the importation  will start.
3. Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition;
4. Create a new world or edit a created one;
5. Navigate to the bottom of the menu where “Add-ons” point is separated and choose the additions you wish to integrate;
6. Don’t forget to turn on “Experimental” options of Minecraft in the world configuration.

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New Adventure Plus Mod
David Walker Hi, I'm David! I checked it out and I'm giving you the opportunity to download this file for free. Visit my website more often!
New Adventure Plus Mod
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