Purpled Texture Pack

Purpled Texture Pack

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Do you want to make the world of Minecraft different from everyone else’s?

This addition for MCPE changes all the regular blocks and objects with purple ones.

Thanks to the Purple End resource pack, you’ll be able to changes the green color of its textures in the parameter.

This update will add a new look and feel to the game.

The Purple Color for the Game

If you want to arhue that the typical colors get bored with their current color scheme and want to change things up, you’re probably right.

This solution just fixes this problem.

New textures are added that have a purple tint instead of regular textures.

Colors change when blocks, items, and other objects are placed on them.

An amazing red glow will appear around our planet, creating an atmosphere of mysticism, miracles, and wonder.

The inventory frame will turn purple when there are no items in your inventory.

Diamond armor and weapons look beautiful when they’re dyed purple.

At first, it may seem strange, but once you start playing, you realize that this way the world appears mystically and very attractive and that is really interesting.

New Purple Dimension

If you want to change the usual green color in this dimension to another, please select it from the list below.

This installation changes the color of surroundings and things related to the End, so their purple details will be green.

After all, the purple color looks much more mystically, interesting, and attractive.

Green was chosen for its resemblance to the color of the creatures’ eyes, which are also purple, and for the fact that it produces particles of this shade.

So, it replaced the green color with purple everywhere.

🤔 How to install resource pack?

1. You need to download this .mcpack file first.

2. Then open the file with your file manager program and import it into the game.

3. Launch Minecraft PE and search a new Resource Pack in the resource packs list.

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Purpled Texture Pack
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