Minecraft PE 0.14.3 apk free

Minecraft PE 0.14.3 apk free

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Now you have got an access to many brand new items, features, maps and other additions in the upcoming renovation.

Main New Features

We cannot assert that this version is a great game-changing update comparing with the large-scale ones. Nevertheless, this newly made game version brings several interesting features and impressive and handy blocks.

New Maps

For example, fresh maps were added to the game for the first time. Players have got an opportunity to create them from 9 pieces of paper. However, no one will see it because of the exclusive feature.

It turned out that you have to use a compass with a map and it shows your location that way. Thereby players should seek for Redstone and mine iron in any case.

Certainly, there is an opportunity to move around without it but it will be rather complicated. Furthermore, if you need to zoom in or out or copy it, craft and use an anvil.

All in all, the maps of this revamped version will exactly be helpful and will come I handy.

Item Frames and Slimes

On the contrary, fresh game version brings items frames to the sandbox and you can make and use them to put everything you have taken in your arms. Therefore, you can place a sword, a stone or a piece of armor on it.

Another difference from the Java Edition that this update has got new sounds. Item frames are crafted from sticks and one lot of leather.

Another fact that if you hunt and walk around in the swamps, you can loot plenty of the slime balls. Now, you can short have taken place by this loot by crafting a slime block from 9 slime drops.

Game Experience

The programmers of the game studio released Ender pearls, but there is no access to them because it is not gifted with functions. Furthermore, even you play in Creative mode, you cannot receive them.

Since the moment new minecarts are available in the MCPE. For instance, players have access to minecarts equipped with chest or TNT. It is easy to put loot to the chest in minecart as well as it’s simple to explode caves with the TNT-minecarts.

There is another minecarts equipped with a hopper. It even smokes when minecart is broken. It loots items nearby and places them inside.
  • How to Crat a Minecart in the Renovation?
    You need to take 5 iron ingots and put them as it’s shown in a boat recipe.
  • How Much Times Do Withes Generate from Now on?
    The mobs generate rather rare yet.
  • Do I Need to Seek for Restone to Craft a Map?
    You don’t. Just take 9 pieces of paper and easily craft the item.
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Version: 0.14.3
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 0.14.3 apk free
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