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Minecraft PE 1.16.0 apk free

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Minecraft gamers, meet the new great version of Minecraft BE 1.16.0 for Android! Note that here’s reference information and the file cannot be downloaded at this moment. We will upload the file at once since it will be available. Don’t miss the updates. In this text you are going to read about fresh features that have been added in the Nether Update and you are going to be pretty surprised! 

All of us are waiting for a new version with large updates – Nether Update which is going to reshape the Nether completely to make a gaming experience more adventurous and impressive. The announcement was presented at the last Minecon 2019. Owners of gadgets running the Android OS have already got an opportunity to try the Bedrock Version.

So, let’s get started on our adventure in the underworld!

Piglin mob

Piglins are inimical characters. Their usual spawn in Nether biomes; additionally, you can meet the mobs in Crimson Forest more often than anywhere. These creatures hunt for Hoglins and do it as a crowd. Piglins are mad for gold. So, they don’t fight with you in gold armor. Even more, they will attack you if you open the chest and the golden suit will not be helpful. Piglins can take gold items – gold bars, for instance, and stand and look at it.

The creatures are able to trade different handy loot for gold with you. They stay away from the Fire of the Soul. Piglins become a Zombie Pigman in the Overworld. Sometimes the mobs can fool around with a Hoglins cub. The player can find the Piglins’ bastions. The doors will not save you from the mobs, because they can open them. A meeting with a young iglin is possible for 25%. Health rate is 16.

Hoglin mobs

You have already read this mob name above. So, let’s learn about the creature more. Hoglins will attack you as well as Piglins do. Also as gold lovers, their spawn in Crimson Forest. Hoglins travel in a pack of 4 individuals. The mob is able to throw you while it’s attacking. The creature has got an expanded attack sphere. Breeding of the population by feeding with crimson fungus. Hoglins are scared of warped fungus and consider it disgusting. The Hoglins loot is raw porkchop and leather. A meeting of a young Hoglin is possible for 25%. If you attack a pack of Hoglins then they will run away in different ways.

Why does the Hoglins bear a name such a weird name?

In case you didn’t know, the name is a gamers’ select made by the voting that had been organized by the workers of the Mojang company before the update was presented. There were a lot of alternatives, but the community selected the name Hoglin. So, this option is a winner of the vote. Here’s a list of names which were presents as option as well:

  1. Huggable ham;
  2. Jeff;
  3. Bacon buddy;
  4. Tusky Mctuskface;
  5. Pork that can walk;
  6. Uncultured swine;
  7. Pre-zombified pork;
  8. Meat cute;
  9. Too cute to be hostile, sorry.

Health rate is 40.

Rare Netherite Resources

Netherite crafted items are not able to be burnt in lavey.  Where can you find the material? Navigate to Ancient Debris in The Nether. Netherit Pickaxe and Diamond Pickaxe will be handy to destroy. Smelting debris in Netherite Scrap. 4 Netherite Scrap with 4 Gold Ingots in the compartment gives Netherite Ingot.

This resource is so rare that it costs more than any other item in the game. You can make your diamond armor, instruments much better with this resource, and make your weapons much stronger. Interesting fact that Netherite is the first chosen resource which has taken over the leadership of Diamond in the past 10 years!


Bastions are the constructions, forts that were built by Piglins mobs.

New coming Biomes

Minecraft will be replenished with three new biomes: Soul Sand Valley, Crimson Forest, and Warped Forest.

  1. A lot of dangerous adventures await you in the Soul Sand Valley biome in the Nether world. Turquoise fog roams the entire area of the biome. A field consisting of Soulsand and the soil of the soul spread out over a greater distance. You will often bump into pillars and fossil structures in this location. It’s very difficult to survive in this area because of open space, the constant spawn of skeletons, Ghasts and Endermen. The best choice will be to equip the bow and wear the armor with a large durability. You will find different loot in the biome: bone meal, Glowstone Dust, basalt and discover the Nether fort. Be ready for the huge amount of blue flame all around.
  2. Nether Update also consists of Crimson Forest, the new biome. For its part, the area is covered with red blocks. There are a lot of flora in the Forest: big, little and light mushrooms, quite a lot of vine. The ground in the biome is covered with the crimson Lily and Netherrack. Stones are entwined with roots. Pilings and Hodgkin’s are inhabitants of the Forest. The red mist fell on the entire area of the location. And this is only part of what you will be able to discover by exploring this biome.
  3. Nether Update also brings another incredible biome called Warped Forest. The area’s ground is covered with light turquoise blocks. The location is suitable for gathering turquoise wood. Moreover, you will be able to find the warped roots and Nether sprouts in the place. You can easily find out that you got into this biome by the turquoise mist. Warped Forest is not dangerous as others, except for Endermen spawn. The area is characterized by various options of flora etc.

Soul Soil is the same block as the Soulsand. It doesn’t make you move slower. If you burn the fire on Soul Soil, the color of it will be blue.

There are no differences between the fire of souls and a usual fire but it provides double damage. To gather it – burn the fire on Soul Soil. You can meet in Soul Sand Valley. The fire doesn’t stop and it burns forever.

The update adds a new block – Target.

This is a mechanical block that activates by hitting with an arrow or a Trident. It provokes a Redstone connection. The connection level will be more powerful if you hit closer to the center. The max connection level is 15 units.

🤔 What else will be added?

  1. New woods in the Nether;
  2. Zombie Pigman now is called Zombie Piglin;
  3. A lightning strike cannot turn over the pig into a Zombie Piglin;
  4. Install spawn in The Nether.
Follow the news and the text will contain updated info.
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Version: 1.16.0
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.16.0 apk free
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