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Meet the new version of MCPE which brings adorable flowers, amazing blocks, embarrassing bandits and wide bug fix to the game.

Upcoming features in the renovation

Congratulations! The game has become more stable because most of the noticed bugs are fixed in the beta version. Part of the Minecraft community stumble into impossibility launch the game caused by crashes.

These people can stop worrying now because the renewed MCPE removes this flaw which could provoke loss of the reached progress.

Additionally, since the moment players can respawn momentarily when they have died using newly added commands. Moreover, you have been given an opportunity to remove death messages from the text chat in revamped game version.

Main changes

The Mojang programmers have designed new splatter to the Minecraft which you can see next to logo on the top menu. The developers have invented more than 30 of splashes for the game.

Some examples of the splashes in the fresh version, it’s possible to meet such phrases as: “Llama, llama, duck” or “The Floor is Lava”. Part of them are really comical, for instance, “Potatoes gonna potate”.

In addition, players have got an opportunity to output splashes to the screen with definite commands.

It will come in handy to map inventors because it’s often need to highlight anything for them.

New blocks

The gaming studio has enhanced part of construction blocks including different plates, ladders and walls as well in the fresh renovation.

The developers report that they have added more than 40 new blocks implying your possibilities of building have become much wider.

For example, your house can be supplemented with an incredible ladder made from end bricks, diorite, smooth sandstone and mossy cobblestone now.

Furthermore, new kinds of tree are now available for crafting new types of signs. Spruce, oak, acacia, and other species can be used since the moment.

As for coloring materials, presently changing the shade of the text is available as well.

Thus, players can mix and combine a lot of conjunctions.

All in all, fresh revamped version really has improved a gaming experience so mush. The developers have enhanced a big part of game features and integrated brand new ones.

  • What a Battle Method against the Bandits in this Version?
    They equip crossbows, so be aware and move fast rushing from hideout to hideout.
  • How to Find a Bamboo?
    Try to search it in the jungle.
  • Is It Easy to Find Cornflowers?
    No, it isn’t. It’s pretty easy to find them in flatlands.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
Minecraft PE apk free
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