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Visit mountain biomes, meet goats, get glowing blocks from frogs, catch tadpoles, use new commands, much more!

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added Allay, the Darkness Effect and a new interface. Changed Sculk Blocks and fixed 21 bugs.

What’s new in Minecraft

Every time they release an update, the developers at Mojang make the game better. Minecraft PE has many changes, fixed some bugs, and improved creatures, among other things. Frogs help users get froglight, shal­kers changed their behavior. Commands also got some changes.


A new mob.

Winner of a vote on Minecraft Live 2021.

  1. So far appears when you turn on Experimental mode.
  2. Picks up items and looks for related items nearby.
  3. Follow the user by holding an object from them.
  4. If the music block plays nearby, the mob won’t bring items to the player but instead leave them there for 30 seconds.
  5. Mob gives the player everything he has in his inventory

Deep Dark

  • New upgraded Sculk blocks.
  • There isn’t a Warden yet, but the developer has promised to add one soon.
  • When you activate experimental mode, changes are displayed.
  • A mysterious unit that radiates energy.


  1. When a mob dies within a radius of 8 squares, it activates.
  2. There’s no way to learn anything useful from nearby dead creatures.
  3. A charge will appear where the mob died.
  4. The charge passes through the Sculk Blocks and turns regular blocks into Sculk blocks.
  5. The strength of the kill depends on the amount of time you spend killing mobs.
  6. Each time you transform one block, it costs 1 energy charge.
  7. The charge fades over a period of time.
  8. The speed at which the Sculk-catalyzed reaction disappears depends on the distance between the catalyst and the substrate.
  9. If the charge disappears after 4 blocks of a Sculker Catalyzer, it could become an Acoustic Sensor or Sculker Shrieker.
  10. You pay for the entire trip at once.
  11. A microphone that detects sound

Added two changes for Java and BedRock equality

  • Flooding doesn’t produce an activation sound.
  • Wool block protects against vibrations

Darkening effect

Unique effects for Warden and Sculk.

  • Affects nearby players
  • Makes the world darker.
  • It almost drowns out light sources when it’s at its brightest.
  • When a player is under the effect of this card, Torches will be extremely important. Especially when Varden shows up.

New Controls

  1. Added a new control for devices.
  2. To turn it on, you need to:
  3. Open Settings.
  4. Select “Touch”.
  5. You need to click on “Enable New Touch control schemes“.

Fixed 21 bugs

  1. Improved spawn of Iron Golems and Cats
  2. You cannot place scaffolding without a supporting block at the Y = 0 level.
  3. Fixed fire spreading when FireTick is changed
  4. When hit by a Shulkers projectile, Shulker can create copies of himself.
  5. Improved the animation of fire projectiles when they’re thrown from Ifrit’s fire projectile discarding on hit.
  6. Fixed generation of leaves above Y=0 level
  7. Mobs no longer appear on the bonfire.
  8. Fixed the generation of Glowing Lichen
  9. Changed settings for glowing lichen, torch and red dust.
  10. Can’t be set on the Fryers rack anymore
  11. You can set it on Hatch.
  12. You can use glowing lichens to set on leaves.
  13. Water no longer breaks azaleas and lilies
  14. Commands don’t work for every player in every dimension.
  15. The acoustic sensor and magma unit glow weakly in the darkness.
  16. Fixed the display of the “Invite” button for villagers who don’t want to be invited to the village.
  17. There were some technical changes
  18. Added 8 new features for addon development and testing.
  • Are there different colors of froglight?
    There are green, ochre, and pearl colors of this item.
  • What is the way to find a goat horn?
    A goat falls out ahorn if it stumbles into a solid cube.
  • What location is the highest?
    Stony Peaks is the highest location.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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