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Minecraft PE 1.1.5 apk free

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Meet the new Discovery Update for the game which integrates powder, glazer terracotta, concrete and lava blocks, skins and various construction opportunities to survival sandbox.

New features

The renovation hasn’t become the exception in case that all the updates for MCPE have added new blocks to the game.

Mojang has released a lot of different new excellent blocks and dungeons the appearance of what is exciting and attractive as well.

Moreover, every single additional item from the upcoming Marketplace have been replaced into divided library. On the contrary, this version revamped PureBDCraft.

Concrete Blocks

Minecraft community wait for many new modern blocks in the upcoming versions. Concrete is often used in modern building and builders come up with the usage of the material particularly in every construction.

The developers have added this material to the MCPE from now on. Minecrafters can make it from the most useless material you know — a gravel and a sand as well.

Furthermore, concrete powder, this is the item you craft, is equipped with all 16 colours in the fresh game version. So, there are more than 32 unrepeatable blocks in the MCPE at the moment.

An interesting fact that concrete powder is subject to gravity and may fall if a block is not placed under it. Nevertheless, when the powder dipped and got dry, it’s as solid as stone in the fresh update.

Some More New Blocks

On the contrary of new colorful blocks, the update brings a glazed terracotta as well. This thing has 16 colour options and each of them differs.

The renovation contains a single method to create a glazed terracotta – a player melts simple one which reminds dried clay in the fresh version of revamped version.

The renovation has introduced endgame packages called shulker boxes too. To receive it, you need to get to the End Cities and Ships and kill some Shulkers.

Players can decorate them with every colour they wish and collect a lot of loot inside as well. In addition to the point, users have magma blocks from now on.

The mentioned goo generates usually nearby the magma in the Netherworld. It will damage you if you go on it.

New Skins and Textures

Meet the new skins and textures that have been added to the Marketplace. Some of the designers have released couple of their designs freely. For example, we have received “Survivors” by Eneija, “Kings and Paupers” and “Sports” by Razzleberry Fox.

In add, any user can get in unhindered way Noxcrew’s “Summer Festival” and “Steampunk” by Jigarbov. The designers have made “Infinity Dungeon EX” too. So, everyone may get good skin packs and textures in fresh game version.

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Version: 1.1.5
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.1.5 apk free
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