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Minecraft PE 1.6.0 apk free

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Get MCPE version 1.6.0 Aquatic Update for Android for free: plenty of changes, slow falling effect and barriers etc.

Main new features of Minecraft PE v. 1.6.0

The developers are still working relentlessly on Aquatic Update Release on all the platforms. Here’s coming the 3rd part of the major renovation.


Mojang has added man new various features to the cube world. Nevertheless, the most interesting addition is, surely, phantoms. As you remember, the mob has become a winner in Mob Vote 2017 on Minecon Earth.

In the previous times, the creature was called a Monster of Night Skies. However, it has become a usual phantom in Minecraft PE version 1.6.0. The mob can fly high in the sky following unrest players.

In addition to the fact, phantoms spawn only on the 3rd insomnia day meaning that you will not meet them until you have not slept for 3 nights in a row.


Phantoms fly regularly in a rafter of 3-4 units. If you kill a one with a diamond-eye bow shot, it will drop a membrane in fresh game version 1.6.0.

It is used in different potions crafts, for example, a Slow Falling. It helps you to soar in the air slowly falling into the abyss or onto more prosperous surface.

Sure, you can mix this rather useful potion with arrows and spread the effect — there is no need to mention the surge and delay options in Minecraft PE v. 1.6.0.

General Changes

The developers have released another one rule as well — /gamerule doInsomnia tuebs off and on phantoms spawn in MCPE fresh version 1.6.0.

Furthermore, exploded underwater TNT does not injure a player and creatures around. Besides, player can use phantom membranes to fix the elytra from now on.

Moreover, the community has received a barrier block as well in Minecraft PE v. 1.6.0. The block is invisible; thus it comes in handy only for map creators.

The only way to receive barriers is to enter commands. In addition to the fact, you cannot to destroy the block in Survival mode.

  • How to attack phantoms in Minecraft PE 1.6.0?
    Take a bow with arrows to shoot at them because phantoms fly.
  • How to make a slow falling potion?
    Take a phantom membrane and a nether wart as well as a water bottle.
  • Can I receive a barrier block playing survival mode?
    No, you can’t. To do this, you must play in Creative mode.
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Version: 1.6.0
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.6.0 apk free
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