Minecraft PE 1.19.30 apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.19.30 apk free [Release]

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ALERT! May I have your attention, please? A fresh full version of MCPE is released now! You may currently keep your bowl, so don’t fear if you were afraid about eating it with your stew. fresh functions and features, corrections and fixings — a full pack of changes, refreshes and fresh integrations from Mojang.

Fresh Functions and Corrections

First of all, we want to direct your attention to refreshes of a game experience. The collision box for the Fireball creature has been altered to reflect the main edition. When enchanting an object, the Enchanting Table currently emits a sound in the fresh version. Jumping off of Amethyst blocks does not make noise anymore. Some object descriptions in the /locate command have been refreshed to use underscores, as they do in the main edition (for example, ancient city has been refreshd to ancient city); the old names will still function but won’t appear in the autocomplete.

‘One would anticipate that the bottom texture of the melon would match the top texture exactly, as it does in the main edition, or that a fresh bottom texture would be added, but the side texture is utilized in its place’, — reports from forums.

Melon’s bottom texture was incorrect. The issue is corrected in this fresh version. The Melon block’s bottom texture was adapted to match the top texture.

Every minute the durability of your tools decreased, the motion of picking up stuff was shown

Equipment in your hotbar performed the pop-up effect when durability waned. Only new units put to the stack will therefore cause the object stack popup animation to perform.

Fans’ reports: ‘Putting an armor stand within a light block will make it disappear’

Putting an armor stand within a light block would make it disappear in the previous versions. At present, the developers solved a problem where Light Blocks would disappear when an armor stand was placed on top of them.

When murdered with the /kill command, chest boats did not release themselves or their cargo

The devs solved a problem where, when eliminated by the /kill command, boats carrying chests would not discharge their cargo in the fresh version.

As some MCPE fans on the forum said: ‘When a minecrafter has a full inventory, it will force the things in this bowl to drop or shift to other inventory spaces. Additionally, using a potion may have an impact and cause it to drop or shift to another inventory space, but the glass won’t stay in this one.’

Any stew you consume would either drop or relocate to one of your inventory slots in the last versions.. In the fresh version the empty Bowl will therefore remain in the spot where the stew was consumed after the meal.

In the fresh version of MCPE, the empty bottle switched slots when it was “drinking.” Before and after photos were displayed

When utilized, water bottles alter their inventory location before. The developers made instead of the first vacant inventory space, drinking a potion currently leaves the empty Glass Bottle in the slot you drank it from.

‘Gates for fences made of oak and mangrove are not combustible, but all other forests are (except warped and crimson). This may be readily verified by lining up all the fences and fence gates in a straight line, lighting them on fire, and seeing whether or not everything burns to a crisp except for the oak and mangrove fence gates’, — a fan report told

Gates made of oak and mangrove were not combustible previously. It was discovered that the minecraft:fence gate and minecraft:mangrove fence gate blocks had flame encouragement and flammability values of 0, which is a problem because it also affects BDS. Fence gates made of oak and mangrove are currently combustible.

The developers corrected an issue that occasionally led to the Villager’s bounding box drifting away from the server while they slept. an issue that occasionally caused a crash while loading users into beds has been corrected. Playing the Marketplace does not cause MCPE to crash. On Microsoft consoles, a problem that could happen when MCPE is resumed has been corrected. Also, the devs corrected an issue wherein when a minecrafter locally deleted a cloud-synced world, the cloud version of the world would remain.  Moreover, they removed  a crash problem that was caused by undyed Shulkers. Using the “Play on Realm” option to upload a world without a name solved a problem.

  • Is there new content in this version or only bug fixes?
    This is a test beta version, so it does not reflect the full pack of changes in the final version. So, there are only corrections yet, but we’ll wait-and-see.
  • Did this version match the Java Edition?
    Yes, it did. Mojang team made a lot of work to match different versions.
  • Did the devs adjust farmlands?
    Yes, they did. All the issues related to farmlands are adjusted.
Version: 1.19.30
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.19.30 apk free [Release]
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