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A lot of features are brought to the game, many bugs were fixed and notable enhancements were done in the gameplay.

Main New Features

At the moment, the developers focused on current parts of the game and put Bedrock and Java Editions in the equal conditions. It is the reason why the update is so change-full. The cube game has become faster because of refreshing of game engine. Also, the survival sandbox supports more devices from now on. So, not powerful smartphones and tablets now can launch and process MCPE well.


Despite to the fact that Java and Bedrock Editions have got closer to each other, they are still not the same. Nevertheless, the developers are doing everything to bring the same things to various versions. Therefore, the new renovation is fully about parity characteristics. For instance, you can put fence gates without a block underneath. Moreover, you can take damaged bow to make dispensers in this version of the game. In addition to that, now you can get away e flowers, saplings, and cacti from a pot by one tap.

The most impressive part of the current update is the 3D dropped items.


Furthermore, the Eye of Ender has got an opportunity to blow up from time to time. Boats and other things that can be created are damageable from cactuses since the moment as well.

An exciting part of the revamped game is that a minecrafter can receive a Conduit Power in the rain.

Another remarkable addition and change is that since now players are able to put pumpkins without placing a block underneath it. Moreover, there were reports from the community that passive creatures are not generated on some blocks. But the renovation has fixed it.

Bug Fix

It’s a very lucky time to speak about bug fix. For example, the cartography table all its text since the moment. There were rumors that the buttons of the map had been empty. he Village & Pillage Update, as all of us remember, integrated raids. Raids’ bar at the top of the display did not work as it should so, fortunately, the developers have fixed the bug in the fresh update.

To sum up, this beta-version has brought 2 version of the cube sandbox much closer and has not forgot to remove some unpleasant bugs as well.

  • Is there a new content?
    No, there is not. The beta-version is related to bug fixes.
  • What is the Upcoming Update?
    As far as we can judge, it must be a part of the Nether Update.
  • Is this version of the game a stable?
    We cannot guarantee that, because it is a beta-version.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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