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New Features of Upcoming Update

The programmers from the developing studio of Minecraft have finished their work on the forthcoming release of the Caves & Cliffs Update. As far as you can judge from the title of the renovation, the changes affected on the mountainous territory and caves.

Firstly, we can say that it has become more exciting to dig resources in the caves at the moment. The revamped game has received fresh blocks, creatures and even more so locations.

Rocky Peaks

First of All, let’s talk about Stony Peaks because it’s the most interesting biome of all newly added. You can stumble into the location while walking around the usual world.

Mojang invented Stony Peaks for the MCPE to avoid the temperature changes issue between locations. For example, players could stumble into sharp border between a cold biome and warm biome in other worlds.

New Engine

Meet new graphics engine integrated to the updated game — Render Dragon. You will precisely feel the difference in the good way because of the changes the engine has given. In addition, the programmers will have an opportunity to improve appearance of the game globally hereinafter thanks to Render Dragon.

Reworked Generation

It’s well-known, that if you have dug to the level 0, you will stumble into bedrock of the Minecraft world. The bedrock is unbreakable if you playing survival game. Nevertheless, minecrafters since the update are able to dig deeper.

When you have got to the level 0, you don’t meet the familiar block, you will face a deep schist. The slate is little bit complicated to ruin comparing to the stone, and that’s way digging becomes closer to real life. It’s true, IRL the deeper we dig, then more difficult to dig.


A player can stumble into the purple blocks digging in the caves in the fresh version of the game. New block is an amethyst geode. The developers have made 3 layers for it. And the most exciting is an inner one. It includes the blooming amethysts. If you break them, they will drop amethyst shards and you can make a telescope from it.

  • Where Can I Find a Bundle in the New Version?
    To craft it, take one string and rabbit hides.
  • How to Craft a Candle?
    With the help of one string and a honeycomb.
  • How to Find Amethyst Geodes?
    It’s not difficult to stumble into them everywhere around the world.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
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Xbox Live: +
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Minecraft PE apk free
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