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Minecraft PE apk free

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Get the MCPE Village and Pillage freely for Android and receive plenty of game experience improvements that make the sandbox much better and much more smooth on weak smartphones, tabs and other gadgets.

Main features of the Minecraft PE update

The developers of the game studio have focused on enhancing the gameplay as much as possible in this upcoming version of MCPE.

Firstly, the programmers have reworked the appearance of the bamboo to make it the same texture as it is presented in the Java Edition.

As far as we can judge, Mojang Studio keeps working hard on each edition yet. Their main idea to match all the version on every gaming platform. For example, they have just made the consoles’ version the same game.

Nevertheless, they do not want to stop on this checkpoint. That way the devs have deleted all the Notch mentioning like “Made by Notch,” “The work of Notch,” and “110813!” in the new version of Minecraft PE.

Main Reworks

The programmers have remade the main menu a little bit, for instance, the ‘Store’ icon is located in another place from now on and you can find it in the Marketplace. Moreover, they have added several enhancements for add-ons makers in the revamped cube game.

It turns out that a behavior pack includes the “spawn_rules” folder once more. This means that creators can customize the properties of the generation of the world.

For instance, coders can adjust crowds of zombies at night or make creeper spawn when the sun is up.

Furthermore, you can also find JSON files in the behavior pack.

Customizable recipes are a thing in the MCPE version meaning that you have got an opportunity to make your own templates to receive some types of block or tool.

Game Experience

A lot of minecrafters have told about Steve’s flipped legs and hands but it was not a great problem because it did not interfere to do any action and was just a cosmetical defect. Nonetheless, the bug was fixed in the new update of MCPE v.

In addition to the fact, the tuxedo cats that you have tamed have got a special appearance. In the meantime, withes cannot jump while fighting. Previously it was funny to watch then attacking you.

However, the developers have not done the game more casual in the renovation For example, zombies and vindicators can destroy wooden doors much quicker than they did before.

So, that’s why you have less period of running away to get ready for the battle.

  • How zombie villagers were remade in Minecraft PE
    Mojang has prepared new sound for zombies.
  • Did the developers rework villagers?
    They did. The villagers have got fresh sounds while they are not trading with a player.
  • Did Mojang Studio add something new in MCPE else?
    Several data pack are changeable now by every coder.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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