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Meet new version of MCPE Buzzy Bees for Android for free: new blocks, nests and hives, slogger-insects and so on.

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Main new features

The developers have introduced the second beta-version of the “honey” update called Buzzy Bees and the release has been so sudden, that no one can compare it with the renovation’s announcement.

The upcoming revamping version brings little bit different reworks.

In addition to the fact, a big part of changes is connected with the Village and Pillage Update. For instance, patrols are not generated in the Nether and the End in the newly released game version.

New changes

The previous update has brought to the cube sandbox a rather modest range fascinating buzzy bees’ blocks, such as honeycombs and honey blocks as well as nests and hives.

Furthermore, the next one has brought change a little bit in the new game version.

Firstly, the blocks don’t cling to slime blocks after piston pushing.

So, that’s way constructors have finally got an opportunity to show their skills and knowledge because the block is wonderful in appliance constructing.

The block can move things and blocks, moreover, it can move creatures after pushing. It means, you can make even a conveyor and something like that.

Honey blocks bode a perspective and marvelous future for the Redstone in the upcoming brand new version of the cube game.


Besides, honey blocks have received little bit new appearance since the moment because they have been reworked by game designers of Mojang to make them the same as the Java Edition’s ones.

Also, honeycombs have been remade a bit.

If you are going to make honey blocks, so from on you need to take 4 honeycombs in the renovation, not 9 as it was in the previous game version.

Moreover, the familiar to everyone slime blocks have got different appearance too. From now on, they look as the same as the Java Edition’s option as well.

An interesting fact that when you will play a beta version of the cube survival sandbox, you will see a ‘Beta’ inscription under the game logo and number of version.


Bees are now part of the cube world too! You can notice them flying nearby plants and flowers in the woods of the MCPE worlds. Any player can now breed the insects with the help of the plants.

However, you have to construct a beehive for the insects. To craft it, take the planks and honeycombs which you can loot them by tapping the nest of bees with the help of scissors.

To produce honey for yourself, plant flowers and bees will take pollen from them.


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