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Mojang introduced a new test release for all platforms (PC, iOS & Android, Xbox). There are fresh blocks, fauna, features of gameplay and accessibility. Also they did a lot of work on tech processes and bug fixing.

General features

The devs resolved a problem where the order of the scores on the leaderboards was incorrect. Also So Below audio track henceforth is listened to in Basalt Deltas.

Game experience features

After playing on heavily packed servers for a while, player graphics and UI components shouldn’t become pink. In addition, No longer cannot immediate effects (Potions, Tipped Arrows) be used on fallen enemies or humans. Also, If a Nether portal is positioned at Y=-21 or lower, a minecrafter no longer sustains harm upon crossing it.

Special features

To move the cursor left in menus, press and hold D-Pad Left once more.

New Blocks

The studio dropped from 20 to 5 Sculk Catalyst XP. Moreover, from now on you may create a campfire with charcoal using mangrove logs, wood, and stripped mangrove trees.

New Creatures

They corrected a problem that caused the hitbox on infant monsters’ aim to be smaller. Plus, The likelihood of Allays and Bees becoming caught in incomplete bricks has decreased. Additionally, guards can spot a minecrafter creeping up on a Sculk Sensor. Instead of merely three blocks, the Warden can now allow itself to fall up to 20 blocks. Allays can now take up parts of armour with a variable durability from the one they are currently carrying.

New Things

Mojang corrected an issue whereby fishing hooks would drop treasure after a player was murdered via the /kill command.

Deep Dark

Sculk Patch production occurs more frequently in ancient cities. Additional block types can now support Sculk Patch Features.

Changes for Steve

On Soul Sand, the user’s soul speed is from now on correctly enabled and disabled. Resolved an issue where HP boost would show inaccurate HP numbers, rendering a minecrafter invisible and preventing them from interacting with the environment after they died.

Tech Changes

They solved an issue that prevented monsters from loading into the environment if their stored y-position was 25 or higher.

The orientation of skulls in ancient cities now more closely resembles that in the Java Edition. The Jukebox/Note Blocks sound category in Settings now includes the Goat Horn sound. Enable the evaluation of event filters in the root definition without regard to sequence or randomization. Corrected a Microsoft and Sony Store problem while looking across different segments.


The Villager makes the appropriate audio depending on the specific in the input slot while exchanging.

Experimental Functionality

The developers added a lot of system events and game test functions that will be very useful for mod and map makers, third-party developers and deleted all commands and other components that interfere with your work. Developers can specify the block’s basic detonation resistance by making the element an item.

  • Are there any plants in mangrove swamps?
    There are a lot of mangrove trees in this biome.
  • Are there any resources in the ancient city?
    There are Echo Shards in the chests.
  • Where does the Warden locate?
    It locates in the Deep Dark.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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