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Our beloved cubic game received some fresh updates. I advise you to look at the most current new updates features that the authors have produced.

New Additions & Corrections

The devs always try not only to add something new, but make the previous changes better.

Version Equality

Undead now have a small possibility of unlocking doors on high difficulty. TMangrove building details names are changed. The Wandering Trader no longer spawns in liquid structures. The title “End Portal Frame” also has some changes. Tadpoles are moving faster than fish. When assaulted, polar bears do not scream. Piglins will not be aggressive to a minecrafter wearing gold armor.

Experimental Mode of Spectating

People can build there since a spectator is present. Gamers who previously held a map in one hand and something else in the other now have both hands free. It’s incredible how they were able to hold it without using their hands.


They have corrected an issue that prevented Creative users from hearing the new Wild Update soundtrack in its ecoregions.


Twisting and weeping vines now erupted on their own when the random ticking speed was set to 0. Sculk Catalyst blooms as soon as a novice mob dies nearby. They no longer drop propagule items if the propagules are not fully grown. The roots can be positioned diagonally. The propagules color does not change when certain blocks are close to one another.

Game Experience

The devs solved a problem that might happen while entering a game world nether portal.


Instead of the default assignment, the user’s allocation is shown in the “Toggle Perspective” recommendation.

Mangrove swamps & Azalea Leaves

Tree development is no longer inhibited by mangrove and azalea leaves.


They corrected the extra HP from the Boost that would vanish after the minecrafter left the planet. Additionally, they corrected the FOV stuttering that occurred while a minecrafter was sprinting while donning a speed boost.

Unemployed zombie villagers can now access boats and minecarts. Ravager is now capable of destroying mangrove, azalea leaves, cave vines, dripleaves, spore blooms, and hanging roots.


The sensor will now react to the vibration that is nearest to them if two vibrations are broadcast concurrently. It will now respond to the wave with the greatest frequency if two waves are present at the same time and distance. A Creeper explosion is now being detected by the sensor at a 15 frequency. Explosions from End Crystals are now detected at 15/sec. A fish is now being released from a bucket every 12 sec. Sculk claims that TNT is now discharged from a dispenser at a 12 frequency.

Stable & function

The issue of dispatching and teleporting an object simultaneously is resolved. The data of entities that completely vanish is no longer present in the world file. Corrected potential crash upon returning to the Overworld from other dimensions. The world no longer fails when visiting the Coin Starter Bundle Screen.


It is now easier to tell which position of a toggle switch is on and which is off. To match other monsters that can be ridden, the Saddled Pig’s tooltip was updated to “Ride.”


Solved that problem that stopped Fishermen from asking for the maximum amount for boats they wanted to acquire.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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