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Minecraft PE 1.11.4 apk free

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Fresh renovation of MCPE called Village and Robbery has been released on Android: it contains a lot of new characteristics and main enhancements.

New-built Features

The developers enhance and improves the game experience of the Pocket Edition, as its stability is still on unfavorable stage.

It was found out that reworked game improved very well by the integrated tweaks and fixing little mistakes. For instance, that one when some villagers don’t process right.

This bug was particularly notable on maps from Marketplace, where players couldn’t continue the plot part. Fortunately, this important problem has been slowed in a current update.


This addition will blow your mind because the programmers have integrated pillagers in the game who are cruel and want steal your loot, and conquer dwellings as well.

Unluckily, don’t try to become friends with the raider because it is impossible.

In fact, their activity is spread on the territory neat the quiet villages.

By the way, bad guys kill everybody the see, even children.

Anyway, the conquering will not begin if raiders’ leader is still alive and an opportunity to start a carnage stays only by you on in this update.


The invasions have been revamped too. For example, the principle of the boss bar shown while raid is processing was reworked as well.

Anyway, defeating the attack during the raid is quite a difficult task. You will meet crowds of raiders appearing from all the surroundings in this update.

However, you can always rely on iron golems. These creatures attack the raiders. As you know, the golems appear in every village you are going through since the moment.

When invasion finishes and you have defeated the raiders, the game gives you the “Hero of the Village’ ability. You can sell loot more expensive and buy items cheaper in the fresh renovation.

New blocks

Don’t forget about blocks have been added as well. The main tasks of the Minecraft are surviving and discovering. So, discover absolutely newly invented blocks in the game which can be used in the build.

For example, campfires function now as they have to: now, you can cook four foods simultaneously in the refreshed MCPE.

Finally, the developers have adde more than ten brand new crafting items in the update.
  • Is There an opportunity to Become a Pillager in the New MCPE?
    Unfortunately, this possibility was not added.
  • What Does Happen After I Leave the Conquered Town?
    The raider will go away in 2 days.
  • How to Find Sweet Berries?
    There are sweet berry plants in tundras and taigas.
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Version: 1.11.4
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.11.4 apk free
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