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Mojang has introduced a testing release of new version of MCPE for Android. The renovation is summoned to correct 24 errors in the game as well as to bring 15 different changes. Anyway, some players have stumbled into bugs while they have been installing the update.

New Minecraft version no more showed the old worlds, the main reason that the worlds, modifications and so on are collected this way: Android/data/Com.mojang.

Replace the files from



What Have the Developers Changed?

Mojang studio programmers have made 10 changes. Let’s consider the most important ones:

  1. Ore is now distributed differently in lodes.
  2. The relative size of the locations has been changed in accordance with MCPE 1.17.
  3. Average size of biomes has been increased.
  4. Separations of the biomes has been updated.
  5. Magma generates with a different period underwater, now — more often.
  6. There are more Treasure Halls now, in particular below level 0.
  7. You can stumble into villages more often now.
  8. Now, Drowned and Zombies appear in Karst Caves.
  9. You won’t find goats in the Stone Heights from now on.
  10. Sources of Water or Lava generate differently.
  11. You can notice the splash of drops.

Bug Fix

  1. Biomes don’t change with growth of height, excluding caves (there are no savannas in the sky).
  2. Fixed bugs with aquifers.
  3. The separation of the aquifer has been updated because of bug fixed.
  4. Gravel is formed below the zero level.
  5. Fixed chunk offset.
  6. Multicolored pillars spawn anew in the Wasteland.
  7. Strange pillars are not generated in the Wasteland.
  8. Modified transitions of frosty biomes.
  9. Deleted lightning shadows.
  10. Snow blocks and snow lawn have the same shades of color.
  11. Copper ore doesn’t float in ravines anymore.
  12. You have an opportunity to receive an Infernal Sprouts on the Crimson Nile again if you use bone meal.
  13. Copper ore gives 2-5 Raw Copper.
  14. In Stonecutter you have an opportunity to receive 4 Carved copper from a copper block.
  15. Fixed the Steve’s hitbox after using the elytron.
  16. The flight on the elytron is not interrupted when crash into the obstacle and get damaged.
  17. Ender’s Pearl is not generated as a Glow Stick in the chests of the Forest Mansion.
  18. Tropical fish reappear in Lush caves.
  19. The “Always day” functions in the world options again.
  20. The shield block animation is now better.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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