Minecraft PE apk free

Minecraft PE apk free

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A working free Xbox Live and revamped survival sandbox!

Main New Features

Meet another stack of addition from the developers of the games studio. They will exactly excite you. The programmers focused on bug fix and solving problems that spoiled game experience as well.

Fresh Effect

Firstly, we should mention about new fresh effect in the renovation and it is darkness. This effect can remind you blindness but a little bit different. New addition does not fully rob your vision, but your eyesight will be darker. Based on this, we can conclude that you are just worse at navigating in space, but you do not lose the ability to see.

New Blocks

The developers decided to surprise us and integrated new kinds of sculk blocks: shrieker, vein and catalyst blocks. In addition to that, they brought an acoustic sensor to the game. It reacts on sounds of movements and this way it turns on sculk shrieker blocks.

In its turn, the block emits a darkness effect on the player and is able to impose very loud sounds. Sculk catalyst blocks spread regular sculk blocks next to the creature’s death revenge. The quantity of blocks connected with the sum of XP-points that you receive from the dead mob.

“Vanilla Experiments”

It’s well-known that current version of the game contains goat horns and an acoustic sensor. Nevertheless, the programmers from Mojang haven’t integrated functions at all for this stuff.

Thus, the developers invented an experimental mode of the game provisionally. To use the item for now, you have to turn on the Vanilla Experiments mode.

Refreshed Soundtrack

The game studio has prepared something special to music listeners. There are new soundtracks in the usual world of survival mode. Moreover, a new soundtrack “Otherside” was added to the MCPE. It can found it in the chests of the fortress corridors or in the treasury.

  • Where do i get a bundle from in MCPE
    They are crafted from rabbit hides and one string.
  • Where should i seek for amethyst geodes?
    They spawn everywhere.
  • How do i craft a candle?
    Take honeycomb and one string.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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