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Minecraft PE apk free

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Meet new version of the favorite cube survival sandbox game on Android with a working Xbox Live and rolling blocks that can help you to make diagrams as well as other different exciting features.

Main new features of the renovation

The newly come update has brought a lot of interesting brand new features because of the hard work of the studio programmers. For instance, in the fresh version you can find dark depths. The location is very creepy and no wonder there are a lot of dangerous traps everywhere and sudden attacks of the hostile mobs that are walking around.

All of mentioned things create a very sinister and scaring atmosphere of the place where it’s hard to travel around peacefully. Additionally, the mentioned features are not everything that wait for you in the biome. For example, the darkness and noise. You have to be aware because you may inadvertently stumble into a cluster of droplets or come across an acoustic vein.

Darkness effect

You cannot meet the darkness effect in the newest version of the game, though the sandbox has got such an opportunity. To provoke the effect, you should climb down to the dark deep location. The reason for this is that there is an absolute darkness downstairs.

After a long presence in this place, a player starts to feel weird things. In the initial stage, a light fog will be shown on the main screen, then smoothly darkening, With the time spent, your condition will go worse and much worse, and you will not recognize anything completely.

Sculk blocks

The rolling blocks are the main and important part of the revamping update. And no one speaks about a plenty of them on the map, but about the absolute number of their options. The renovation contains: shrieker, sculk vein blocks, catalyst.

The blocks look similar but the purposes of usage are quite various. Part of the rolling blocks perceives sounds. Other ones are absolutely harmless and are applied in the making microchips.

Additional fresh things

You can notice at least 2 fresh items in this version of MCB — we are talking about the soundtracks and experimental vanilla mode. In the mode you can to try the Caves & Cliffs addons on. The main menu will please you with some fresh musical soundtracks.

  • How do I apply goat horn?
    It makes a sound signal the same as the horn sound heard during the raids.
  • How long to wait when the effect of darkness disappears?
    Not for long, just a couple of moments.
  • Where can I seek for amethyst geodes?
    They breed all over the world.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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