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We’re releasing a new version of the game with a working Xbox Live account. Go for a hike, take a trip to the mountains, and much more!

A new version of the Cube Game has just been released, including some new features for both iOS and Android. The game designers have solved 15 crucial problems, made 14 enhancements, and 11 related to technical errors.

The Game Overview

For the first time, the version will be made available. Now you can play with people using different OSes.

What’s changed in Minecraft

The development team continues to enhance the game by adding new elements and reworking game details.

The game designers have solved several past issues, improved the behavior of certain creatures, and added new items to the game.

Froglight blocks

New features are now available in the latest version of the game thanks to the help of frogs. You can use the command / to get them. Froglight, a decorative light source that can be green, purple, or yellow, performs a decorative purpose. It is unlike any other light source.

Additionally, the Froglight has been updated with new textures. They’ve become even more attractive.

Frogs living in swamps can be used to create glow-in-the-dark blocks. You need to feed the animal molten lava to get the material. Then the creature will drop the stone.


TThe new landscape of survival cube worlds has brought players a wide range of things to see. They’ve created several beautiful biomes for people who enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery, including forests, deserts and plains, and beaches.

At the highest point in the mountain range, there is a Stony Peak. It’s not too crowded here, so it’s worth visiting.

There are goats roaming Rocky Stony, a vast expanse of land.

There are several more types of locations that fit perfectly within the cubic world near mountains, including deserts, grasslands, forests, swamps, and tundra. They usually include snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

Game designers try to make the transitions between different biomes as smooth and natural as possible. Thanks to this, you can see the world realistically and understand it better.

Lush is an amazing place to visit. Dripstone caves vary in shape and size. They’re also interesting for their appearance, which looks like they were formed by raindrops falling from above.

Other changes include

The game company has released a new version, version 1.18, which fixes some bugs in the game. Minecrafters are now moving significantly smoother.

PS game communities encountered problems in previous versions when they played on the console. Mojang has fixed the issue where games were displaying their rating incorrectly.

If you’re interested in joining this game, you can invite yourselves by pressing the “Invitation” button when you’re pausing in Realms.


There have been 14 new additions since the last announcement. Among them:

  1. Damage calculations have been improved.
  2. Damage reduction with armor has been updated.
  3. Leveled the damage from any difficulty level of such monsters as Blaze’s Fireballs, Evoker’s Jaws, and Shulker’s Ball.
  4. Some mobs’ damage has been edited.
  5. Small Magma Cubes deal 3 damage.
  6. Spider deals 2 damage.
  7. Zoglin Cubs deal 0.5 damage
  8. Skeleton melee attacks deal two damage.
  9. Wolves deal 4 points of damage.
  10. The new version of Hoglin has a neutral attitude towards the player.
  11. There won’t be any cows, pigs, chickens, or sheep in Taiga biomes anymore.
  12. • The developers have added an option to notify players when they’re selling items in the Minecraft In-game Market.


  1. There were a total of 15 problems solved. For example, Solved game element ID definitions.
  2. Physical damage dealt by the dragon’s breath has a chance to be resisted.
  3. If the user was already in the lava when he exited the game, then his current position remains the same – inside the lava.
  4. Users can normally climb trees and vines in creative mapmaking mode, but they cannot use ladders.
  5. Solved shield animation problem.
  6. Have established the growth phases of carrots
  7. Fixed a bug with bee attacks after the hive was damaged by “Silk Touch” by using “Silk Sting”.
  8. Corrected the work performed by the keyboard keys.
  9. Fixed some typos in the updated interface.
  10. Adjusted the work of the gamepad.
  11. Fixed the issue where the app would crash when trying to show more content.
  12. Windows no longer have any hang-ups when loading.
  13. Animation of emotions now works correctly.

Technical changes

All eleven enhancements are intended for game developers, testers, and anyone else interested in improving their code quality.

We know there’s an issue with loading worlds when using Android mobile devices. If you encounter this issue, please report it here.

You’ll need to restart once you’ve installed it. But it won’t happen again. Save your world before you start playing.

  • Can I tame a goat in Minecraft PE
    No, you can't. All you're only able to do, it's to milk the creature.
  • How to use a goat horn?
    It can be used to create sound effects for video game.
  • How to obtain powder snow?
    You'll need a container for water.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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