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A new version of the game on Android has been published as a test version by the devs. The update enhanced the Guardian’s behavior and included three updates, 22 repairs, and nine technical changes. Find new values in Ancient City and use them to make a fantastic item using the fresh version of the game with a functional Xbox Live.

What’s new in the fresh version of Minecraft PE?

The fresh version of the game brings a slew of new features and bug fixes from development team. With the assistance of the Recovery Compass, that is crafted of Echo Shards, new possibilities open up for the character.

Minecrafters no longer have to look for the location of their last death on their own; instead, a new gadget may do it.

Many small issues have been repaired as well, making the cubic universe even more flawless and fascinating. For instance, on the “Create a new World” menu, a problem was repaired.

The Shards

The team of programmers revealed the introduction of the darkest locations in the survival – The Deep Dark – in earlier new version of the game patches.

Minecrafters will uncover a magnificent site named Ancient City in this scary environment. This location is significant because it has abandoned buildings with chests containing various valuables.

They are one of them, and the characters will need them to construct a Recovery Compass.

The Compass

In the fresh version of the game, an incredible device with a critical purpose appears. The character can use the Compass to locate the last location where he perished.

Minecrafters should mix a regular compass with 8 Echo Shards to make it.

The Compass will revolve randomly if the character has not yet perished in his universe or is already in another reality.


The mob’s conduct has improved. Details:

  1. A sonic assault has been integrated.
  2. At a distance, you can inflict harm.
  3. Knock the target back.
  4. Doesn’t check to see whether there’s a target.
  5. The Warden can be pushed back by mobs.
  6. If he scents the target, he will not burrow.
  7. When he encounters the unit, he becomes enraged.
  8. There will be no problems if you change Warden’s fighting mode.
  9. The right quantity of experience is rolled.


Spectator mode is another modification that was mistakenly included in this release. At the same time, the group of programmers keep in mind that this function is currently in beta and may undergo adjustments.

Warden at present includes characteristics like agony animation when he receives damage. In addition, the range across which this beast can monitor the victim has grown.

Every second, Allay will regain two HPs.

The copper horn was deleted from the new version of the game because it disappointed the community. The goat horn, on the other hand, at the moment produces an immediate sound and has variations in the game.


  • “Wild Update” from now on has music.
  • The architecture of the Ancient City corresponds to the Java Edition.

Bug Corrections

  1. When amphibians are injured, they emit new noises.
  2. The sound of frogs breaking has been fixed.
  3. Allay’s interaction icon has been improved.
  4. Reinforced Deepslate is not destroyed by Wither or Ender Dragon, it has been added to a fresh tab in the creative inventory.
  5. Rightly arranged steps, slab, and clay brick wall.
  6. In the heart of the Ancient City, a Rectangle of Reinforced Deepslate is formed.
  7. The Block of Light can’t be broken underwater.
  8. The roots and sprouts of mangrove trees can be utilized in the Composter.
  9. Dirt and Dirty Mangrove Roots may be planted with almost any plant.
  10. Snow may be used to grow mangrove roots.
  11. Touch controls on the joystick have been improved.
  12. The Boat and Boat with Trunk icons’ textures have been reworked to become similar to the Java Edition.
  13. The Ancient City’s air is devoid of Soul Lanterns.
  14. In the Educational Edition, a there was made an important correction while applying the Material Reducer.

Tech part

For add-on making and creating, 9 technical modifications were made.

  • Where should I look for Echo shards?
    In the Ancient City's chests.
  • What is a Recovery compass and how do i make one?
    One regular compass and eight Echo Shards will be required.
  • Where can i find Dark place in the cube world?
    This location is called, accordingly, “The Deep Dark”.
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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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