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Get a new version of MCPE on Android with Xbox Live support: the devs have repaired a few problems and tweaked the performance. In this fresh upgrade for “green robot devices’ has been published as a beta release by the devs. The upgrade included 20 modifications, 7 version match improvements, and 47 software updates.

What’s new in the innovative Beta version of MC Bedrock Edition?

The creators of Gaming Companies have released a new version of MCPE for its users. They enhanced the playability in this release, as well as removing faults that harmed the system’s performance and earlier editions’ problems.

The programmers attempted to address various faults that were interfering with the system’s proper operation in this release. Large-scale development on new biomes that have lately debuted in the game is still ongoing.

Version parity

On both Java and Bedrock, the Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker are now generated at the same time.

The Dark Depths biome is created in the fresh version in the same way that it is in Java.

7 adjustments were made to make Bedrock compatible with Java.

  • When creatures place items in armor slots, they create noises.
  • The bottoms of bricks can be supported by bonfires and chairs.
  • At the bottom of the support bricks, weeping vines are planted.
  • Piglins attack the player when they use a Trunk to demolish a Boat or Wagon.
  • It is impossible to flood a structural block.
  • The position of creatures departing the Nether World Portal has been altered.
  • Liquid heights are fixed

The Dark Depths New terrain

On its land, users can also locate an Ancient City.

Numerous gamers are drawn to the newly released Deep Dark ecoregion, not just because of its uniqueness, but rather because it has several uncharted areas.

People can search Old City, for instance, when visiting this location, in which remnants of old ruins can be found. Users will be able to locate the missing riches in there. However, the voyage appears to be extremely perilous and tough.

Creators have launched innovative Sculk Patches ornamental blocks to the new version of the game, which will appear in all sections of the darkest environment. The production and look of these locations have both enhanced generally.


This location will be deep down and will be the game’s darkest location. Warden will live there, and with just two strokes, he can kill any player in armor.

This monster will only be discovered in the Dark Depths, but it can murder perhaps a fully outfitted player in just a few hits. This species is entirely blind and relies only on hearing to navigate across space.

The addition of Warden will not only provide Steve with a unique adventure, but it will also provide a new gameplay update that will let him to avoid the opponent rather than engage in combat with him.

It can travel across water and lava.

Can’t be moved when emerging or digging Disappears in liquid without any motions or digging noises

If he roars at a target, he will always track it down.

For every assault against a pursued target, he gains 100 furies.


The marketplace is an in-game market where gamers may get entrance to and use different functions while playing. This is a critical feature that must perform reliably and efficiently for all consumers.

The difficulties and errors that happened in this region were removed by the Gaming Production house team in this version of MCPE. Applications, for instance, will no more hang in the list, and wish lists will be properly displayed.

Additionally, an issue linked with the generation of templates has been resolved, allowing players to fully utilize this feature. It’s also worth mentioning that with this version, issues with filling in the star rating icons have been fixed.


There are just fixes in the new version of MCPE. The creators chose to tweak the playability before releasing it.

After unplugging the joystick during startup, the notification “Connection to the controller is lost” occurs. More Sculk-Catalyst and Sculk-Shrieker occur.

At any level of the globe, Sculk occurs more frequently in the Ancient City and the Dark Depths.

Items like the Cooking Rack and others can be tossed out using the block interface on the left side of the screen.

The desire screen does not cause players to leave the game’s market. The work of Rating Stars has also been improved, as has the loading time.

A lengthy upload was also corrected. When making worlds, templates are used too.

20 modifications have been made.

  1. Spectator Mode: You have complete control over your breathing.
  2. Piston is not moved by the gamer.
  3. For a fast night pass, the observer can stay awake.
  4. When the Spectator travels about, the player’s hunger level does not alter.
  5. There are no noises of moving, climbing, splashing water, or anything else.
  6. The countdown to insomnia has been disabled.
  7. Only the head of the player is depicted.
  8. The Steve’s model is drawn in a transparent manner.
  9. In this mode, shells flow through the gamer.
  10. When using a controller, no additional tooltips are displayed.
  11. Mud and Mud Mangrove Roots are covered in Hell Sprouts and Fungi.
  12. The size, buttons, and illustrations in the Pen Book have all been changed.
  13. In the Meadows or Stone Peaks, tadpoles develop into Swamp Frogs, and in the Deep Dark, they develop into Snow Frogs.
  14. Lama Trader Spawn Egg has been inserted.
  15. On ios, audio has been integrated to the app.
  16. The length of alerts may now be changed.
  17. The “Friendly Fire” setting has been relocated.
  18. The Experience Bar’s location has been changed.
  19. Only when Spawner creatures are destroyed with a Pickaxe, xp from them is now copied into dialogue.

47 issues have been corrected.

  1. The acoustic sensor reacts more quickly to what’s going on around it.
  2. The acoustic sensor is unresponsive to left-handedly equipped items.
  3. When items are taken from Allay’s stack, they are not duplicated.
  4. Around 32 blocks, Allay searches for identical things.
  5. The Skalk vein yields as many things as it has facets when mined using Silk Touch.
  6. Mudblock and Mud Mangrove Roots disseminate Sculk Catalyzer.

Shrieker Sculk and more

  1. Within 48 blocks, seeks out a Guardian.
  2. Players having a threat level of 3 or above will experience a darkness effect.
  3. When a player is riding something, it is detected.
  4. Even from a long distance, it causes the impact.
  5. The development of Mangrove Sprout is unaffected by the leaves.
  6. Bonus Chests include mangrove wood.
  7. Villagers, like swamp dwellers, may be found in Mangrove Swamps.
  8. Clay production in the Mangrove Swamps has improved.
  9. When the jump button is held down, players can jump without pausing.
  10. You may now descend from the Scaffolding using new touch controls.
  11. The look of the touch control joystick has been improved.
  12. When cloning the Boat with the Chest, the contents of the Chest are stored.
  13. Scissors are used to gather mangrove leaves into a single bag.
  14. When using /clone, /fill, or /setblock, nothing falls out of chests.
  15. When going through the Frog Light, the sound has been reduced.
  16. When shutting doors, the player does not move. When filling the inventory, items are piled neatly in the left hand.
  17. When putting on Armor in the inventory, sounds are made.
  18. The sound of each other’s Armors can be heard by other players.
  19. The disappearance of cloned creatures on reload has been fixed.
  20. When teleporting into a chunk that was not loaded before to the previous version, creatures would vanish.
  21. Slugs will reappear in flat environments made before to the previous version.
  22. The spawn of other mobs is unaffected by slug spawn problems.
  23. Riding is not halted after reloading while on a chunk boundary, and the camera angle does not shift when joining the Boat. Damage from falling at specific levels in the Scaffolding has been fixed.
  24. When upgrading ancient worlds, Water Pillars no longer appear below level zero.
  25. When Goat Rams Mangrove Wood, Goat Horn lowers.
  26. The items in your left hand do not go black.
  27. On the interior, barrier bricks do not have a red texture.
  28. Support for wireless mouse and keyboard for iPhones has been added.
  29. In the mob inventory, the Lama Trader’s name has been corrected.
  30. The destruction of the Shield with an Axe or a Guardian now has sound.
  31. When removing the Boat from the environment, there were certain issues that were fixed.
  32. When loading the Wither into the world, there was a crash.

Changes in Technology

For add-on development and testing, 12 technological modifications were made. The trader’s llama is treated as a distinct mob.

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OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE apk free
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