Minecraft PE 1.19.31 apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.19.31 apk free [Release]

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Hello, guys, have you missed a new update for our favorite MCPE? I’m going to tell you the most interesting fact about new RELEASE! Yes, we’ve finally waited for it! Let’s not drag this out and move on fresh functions and corrections. As always, you know that the version is available on all actual platfroms (consoles, PC and smartphones).

What’s been changed?

Users of the Xbox edition of MCPE will begin receiving a patch on Oct 5, 2022, together with some few more updates and improvements.

Please, wait a while before contacting Minecraft Service if you haven’t received the patch by October 5th. It can take some time until you get them.

What could I do to speed up the updating process?

Free up the most space of the storage hard drive space. Storage can be made available by removing worlds that are duplicated or useless. Ensure you DON’T Delete the game, otherwise your data can be permanently gone.

What modifications will I see if I update to this revamped edition?

  • Due to the fact that we are moving your world data to the new current version, this patch will take a little longer than previous iterations.
  • Remember: You Should Not Remove MCPE if you are having installation issues while this version is being applied, particularly if you have over than 4 Gigabytes of stored data. If you remove the application during this period, you risk losing your data.
  • Before the download starts, you could see a notice if your storage drive is too filled.
  • When upgraded, the ‘All Games’ screen on your Xbox will display two versions of MCPE. Both versions of the game may be installed.
  • You should notice a little bit improved performance when the patch is finished!

Please, follow the instructions below and remove the game tile that doesn’t list GDK if you chance to see two game tiles and will be removing one of them. You must use the GDK version in order for the application to function correctly after the patch. Please carry out the actions listed below to check your edition of MCPE.

How can I test the edition of MCPE?

Ensure your MCPE edition is current by following these instructions.

  • Head over the MCPE in your Xbox games.
  • Then, choose “Manage game and add-ons” by pressing “Start.”
  • Navigate to “File Info”
  • Ensure the AppModel line in your code complies with the example below.
  • Please, use our official bug reporting tool to report any issues you encounter while playing.

Fresh Touch Controls for Smartphones

There is a fresh feature labeled Enable Fresh Touchscreen Controls Schemes in Settings – Controls – Touch. The touchscreen scheme, the updated Crosshair scheme, or the old Classic scheme may all be chosen from a dropdown menu that appears when the toggle is ACTIVATED for the updated Interaction Model.


The developer corrected a number of issues that might happen when playing. On maps, there were dark spots as some fans reported on the community forums. Users provided us with screenshots of the problem. Black pixels are replacing fixed landscape on maps by the devs in the fresh version.

Moreover, a flaw that unbound the Inventory key while the Full Keyboard Gameplay option was on has been corrected in this release.

Another report about the previous version: when accessing the End portal, a minecrafter spawned underneath the obsidian platform. He spawned below the obsidian platform after passing through the end portal and fell into the emptiness. In the previous release, the world was established and the dragon was slain. There was no problem with entering the end prior to the most recent upgrade. He lacked images since he didn’t want to plunge into the vacuum once more to obtain a video. After the 1.19.30 update to Realms, it was corrected that users might occasionally spawn under the obsidian platform and plunge into the abyss after first using an End Portal in this version of the game by Mojang.

  • Is the new release available on mobile devices?
    Yes, it is. The new version can be downloaded on all devices.
  • Did the devs adjust farmlands?
    Yes, they did. All the issues related to farmlands are adjusted.
  • Did they correct the game crashes?
    And again, yes, they did. Mojang fixed and removed the last crashes that were found.
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Version: 1.19.31
OS: Android
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.19.31 apk free [Release]
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