Minecraft PE 1.20.51 apk free [Release]

Minecraft PE 1.20.51 apk free [Release]

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Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.51: Patching Up the World

Minecraft’s ever-evolving world receives a swift tune-up with the arrival of Bedrock Edition’s latest update, 1.20.51. This hotfix dashes in to mend several cracks and quirks brought forth by its predecessor, addressing issues that have been causing disturbances among the block-building community.

What’s Been Fixed?

Crash Resolutions: A troublesome crash that haunted the realms of Minecraft has been successfully squashed.

Item Duplication Glitch: The pesky glitch causing items to multiply when swapping slots while using them has been abolished.

Emotes in Dressing Room: All emotes, whether owned or unowned, now find their rightful place within the Emotes section of the Dressing Room.

PlayStation Plus Prompt Fix: Gamers encountering a missing prompt for PlayStation Plus requirements while joining multiplayer games can now breathe easy.

Reviving Support: The block component “minecraft:random_ticking” makes a triumphant return, bolstering the world-building experience once again.

  • What's the standout fix in this update? 
    The fix for the item duplication glitch stands out, eliminating a major exploit.
  • Are there any major gameplay changes? 
    No major gameplay changes were introduced, focusing primarily on bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Is this update available for all platforms? 
    Yes, the 1.20.51 update is available across all supported platforms for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
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Version: 1.20.51
OS: Android
Release date: 14 December 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
Minecraft PE 1.20.51 apk free [Release]
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