AMZ Texture Pack V1

Textures Minecraft PE

Looking for mega-smooth texture pack for Minecraft because your eyes are tired of the original ones? Meet the textures that you seeking for here! Get familiarized with the first version and for the V2 soon as the developer promises. As he reports, he is going to improve leaves and albustos in the upcoming update.

The sands were redone to look more clear.

AMZ Texture Pack V1

Everything have become flatter, just take a look at grass and dirt, and say how they differ.

AMZ Texture Pack V1

Certainly, the Nether is reworked as well and now it’s much smoother and do not harm your eyes as the previous textures.

Then, look through the buildings and study how they look now with the pack. In addition to flat and clear appearance, the developer has added an animation.

Also, changes were brought to:

  1. Swords;
  2. Pickaxes;
  3. Axes;
  4. Crossbows;
  5. Bows;
  6. Ores;
  7. Ingots;
  8. Structures.

You will really enjoy this pack, so it’s strongly recommended to download and install it!

🤔 How to install resource pack?

1. You need to download this .mcpack file first.

2. Then open the file with your file manager program and import it into the game.

3. Launch Minecraft PE and search a new Resource Pack in the resource packs list.


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